We Work with Your Veterinarian

We often work with veterinarians to be able to directly discuss and quickly provide the nutritional formula that your veterinarian would like to prescribe for your horse.



Trusted by Veterinarians

Veterinarians often use Bio-Sponge in the clinical setting to support horses experiencing diarrhea due to a variety of reasons.

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Platinum Performance® client since 2006

“Dakota is doing great. I believe the Platinum Performance Enteral Formula did a world of good for him during his fight for life from having Botulism. He was touch and go for a few weeks and the Enteral Formula from Platinum Performance kept him nourished and from losing too much weight. Because of your formula and the vet’s expertise, he has fully recovered and is back to normal today. I love your vitamins, and I always rave about them to anyone that mentions vitamins.”
— Letha L.

Norma Jean

Norma Jean

Platinum Performance® client since 1996

“Norma Jean had contracted pleuropneumonia on the trip back from Oklahoma City where she had just won the AQHA World Championship in Jr. Working Cow Horse. Antibiotics and her immune system were not helping fight the lung infection. As a last resort, she was started on a course of Platinum Performance Enteral. It was tubed directly into her stomach. When we returned the next day, the life was back in her eyes and even though she was still very ill and faced many months of recovery, we knew she was going to make it.”
— Nancy Crawford-Hall