Building Wellness, Performance and Longevity

Through Nutrition

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Renee & Rich Condit

Platinum Performance® Clients since 2009

Foundational Wellness

Build a strong foundation and help your body perform at its best.

For Comprehensive Total Body Health

Platinum Performance® Wellness is a great-tasting blend of premium ingredients that supports total body health. It provides omega-3 fatty acids from freshly ground flax seeds, organic flax oil, and vegetarian DHA (25 mg per serving).

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Why Cellular Health Matters

We’re living, breathing reflections of the trillions of cells that make up our bodies. When they're healthy, we're healthy. Our cellular health influences the state of inflammation that our bodies function in, and impacts every aspect of our health from our digestive and immune systems to our joint health and cognitive function.

Platinum Advisor Alyssa

Wellness Made Easy

We believe in providing a diet that promotes prevention and supports the way you feel, function and live every day. That means more runs, more tee times and more mountains to climb.

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Why Do You Supplement?

“After I started competing in the Iron Man, I knew I needed to be healthier. I felt like I was missing something. With Platinum I could take two scoops and get what I needed for the day. Since then I’ve recommended it to my patients.”

Mike Kraus

Chiropractor & Triathlete