Auto-Ship Delivery Program for You

When you ship your products on a fully customized automatic shipment schedule, Platinum picks up half the shipping cost. You save time and you will always have the nutrition you need.

It's Simple to Save 50% on Shipping For Every Order


Select Auto-Ship When
Buying Formulas for You

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Choose How Frequently
You Receive Formulas

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Complete Your Order,
Check-Out and Save

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It’s Easy to Sign-up & Start Saving Now

  • Ship products automatically and save 50% on shipping.*
  • Choose to Auto-Ship when you select formulas or review items in your shopping cart.
  • Never run out of products by selecting how often you’d like your deliveries. You can change dates and frequency anytime.
  • Products ship at any interval you choose.

*Platinum will pay 50% of your shipping on ground shipping

Fast and Convenient Ways to Manage Deliveries

  • Change delivery times, pause or cancel your orders anytime on our Website*.
  • Call a Platinum Advisor at 800-553-2400 who will be happy to adjust your Auto-Ships. You can reach us M-F, 6am-5 pm and Sat. 8am-1pm.
  • Receive email reminders that your order will ship 1 week in advance.

Ship Wherever You Travel – Auto-Ship is Customizable

  • Traveling? It’s easy to update delivery addresses on our Website or by calling us at 800-553-2400.
  • Store multiple addresses in your addressbook online so you can quickly update ship-to locations.

100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Auto-Shipping your supplements ensures you get an uninterrupted supply of the daily nutrition you need.
  • We guarantee you’ll receive your products on time – no more worrying about running out or timing orders to ensure a full supply.
  • Our 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee is built into everything we do. We’ll always ensure you’re cared for to the highest standard.