Advancing Nutrition in Equine Athletes

Dr. Doug Herthel has been an innovator in equine veterinary medicine since starting the renowned Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in 1972 together with his wife Sue. A surgeon and early pioneer of regenerative medicine, Dr. Herthel recognized the role that nutrition has in a biological approach to healing, performance and daily wellness. Platinum Performance® began as a clinical tool to help support equine athletes as they came back from injury, surgery and rehabilitation. Veterinarians across the country began using the product and saw results in their own patients, helping to increase the role of nutrition in veterinary medicine.

From Horses to Humans

As Platinum Performance® formulas took hold in veterinary medicine, Dr. Herthel saw a similar potential in humans. One year after Platinum Performance® was founded, the first human formulas were developed and tested with the help of nutrition experts, physicians and fitness trainers. Nearly 20 years later, Platinum Performance® nutritional formulas are trusted by clients throughout the country, from Olympic athletes to weekend runners, and professional sports teams to clients simply looking to support daily health.

Grounded in Family

Platinum Performance® has always been a family business, and remains deeply rooted in family today. Mark Herthel, son of Dr. Doug and Mrs. Sue Herthel, has led the team since its earliest days. Mark’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for research and technology, coupled with Dr. Herthel’s scientific and medical expertise, has led to the creation of formulas that have helped to advance the role of nutrition in human and animal health.

Quality Beyond What’s on the Label

Quality means results, and we have lived by that mantra since day one. Our team is here to ensure that our raw ingredients and finished products meet and exceed the highest quality standards.

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