How Can I Help My Overweight Dog?

Obesity is a common problem for our canine family members. Overweight dogs are at risk for serious health complications, including metabolic, joint, cardiac, kidney ailments and cancer as well as a reduced life expectancy.

Tips for Getting an Overweight Dog Get Back on Track

It is first important to know the ideal weight for your dog’s breed. If your dog is over the ideal weight, discuss weight loss options with your veterinarian. Exercise in combination with special attention to the diet is typically recommended to address obesity issues. Even short bouts of exercise for an otherwise sedentary dog can be extremely beneficial as a starting point in a weight loss strategy.

Choose a reputable company that uses quality protein and fiber sources in their dog food products. Stay compliant with the daily amounts of food that your veterinarian suggests, and limit or eliminate treats and table scraps. Weighing your dog weekly can help to monitor progress. A wellness supplement like Platinum Performance® Canine provides omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants to promote a normal metabolism and healthy lifestyle. Specific nutrients like carnitine and chromium, found in Platinum’s Beta Lip-Ox®, facilitate cellular fat burning and weight management when used with exercise and can be a useful tool to support overweight dogs achieve a healthy weight.

Once your dog has achieved his ideal weight, be sure to keep monitoring regularly to maintain a happy and healthy companion.