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Supports Healthy Intestinal Function

Bio-Sponge® is a health supplement designed to help support healthy gastrointestinal function in foals and adult horses. (Pricing shown below is in U.S. dollars.)

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Product Details

Bio-Sponge® is a health supplement designed to help support healthy gastrointestinal function in foals and adult horses.

Bio-Sponge® FAQ

What is Bio-Sponge®?

Bio-Sponge® (DTO smectite) is referred to as an organo mineral as it is comprised of organic matter and minerals.

How Does Bio-Sponge Work?

Bio-Sponge® has a large surface area and when in close proximity to positively charged ions, it binds to them and will remove them from the digestive system. It’s because of this adsorption-effect that Bio-Sponge® can help maintain gastrointestinal function and health.

How Long Does it Take Bio-Sponge® to Work?

Bio-Sponge works very quickly after administration. If there is no noticeable improvement within 7 days, it's recommended to discontinue use. If there is improvement but the loose stool hasn't resolved, continue administering the Bio-Sponge until the loose stool has subsided.

How Long Can a Horse Stay on Bio-Sponge®?

Some horses consume a maintenance dose of Bio-Sponge® as part of their daily diet to maintain digestive health. For most horses Bio-Sponge® is used until the loose stool has resolved but is safe and effective for long-term use if needed.

Ingredients & Product Analysis

Smectite Clay

Active Ingredients Per 1 Scoop (97.5g)

  • Bio-Sponge® 97,500 mg

Recommendation for Use:

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NEWBORN FOALS (Less than 24 hours old)
Occasional Diarrhea: Administer 3 tablespoons (37 6 g) mixed with 30 cc of water no earlier than 6 hours after foal first nurses. Administer 2-3 times daily or as directed by your veterinarian.*
Prevention of Diarrhea: Administer 0.5-1.5 tablespoons (4.6-13.8 g) mixed with 10-30cc of water no earlier than 12 hours after the foal first nurses. Administer twice daily for 4-5 days or as directed by veterinarian.

Administer 3 tablespoons (37.6 g) of powder mixed with 30 cc of water 2-3 times daily or as directed by veterinarian.*

ADULT HORSES (Based on 450 kg horse):
Administer one 4 oz scoop (97.5 g) twice daily or as directed by veterinarian.**

Bio-Sponge® Powder is recommended for use within 36 months of manufacture date.

*Discontinue 1 day after intestinal disturbance resolves.
**Discontinue if there is no noticeable improvement after 7 days of use.

Making Bio-Sponge® Paste from Powder

Many horses will consume Bio-Sponge® Powder with their feed or supplements. However, if needed, Bio-Sponge® Paste can easily be made from the powder to aid in ease of administration. This can be especially helpful for foals, picky eaters or horses that are not eating due to illness.

Step 1: Mix recommended dose of powdered supplement with liquid to achieve desired consistency (approximately a 50/50 ratio of powder to liquid). Water, applesauce, flax oil or molasses are commonly used.

Step 2: Start with syringe fully plunged, then draw mixture up syringe by pulling plunger out from barrel of syringe.

Step 3: Administer full dose to animal orally immediately.

Questions? Contact a Platinum Advisor at 805-688-1731.

3 Ways to Use Bio-Sponge®?

Prophylactic Use

Can be used prophylactically for foals on endemic farms, as well as for hoses being treated with antibiotics.

Intestinal Disturbances

Supports horses and foals experiencing intestinal disturbances or occassional diarrhea.

Foal Heat Scours

Bio-Sponge® may be helpful for foals experiencing foal heat scours.

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