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Adam Hendrickson

Ranch Raised

Adam was born and raised on a ranch in Jamestown, North Dakota, with his foot in the stirrup at a very young age. Even after he left home to attend college in Rapid City in 2001, Adam always knew horses were his number one priority. It was his drive that eventually lead him to chase the dream of becoming one of the reining industry’s elite professionals.

In Hot Pursuit

In pursuit of his vision, Adam began working under Darren Miller in 2005. He worked with Darren for two and a half years before moving on to expand his skill base. Over the next six years, Adam worked with the likes of Steve Schwartzenberger, Jared Leclaire and Andrea Fappani to polish and perfect his techniques. Finally in June 2011, Adam decided the time was right to make the leap from assistant to head trainer and mark the beginning of Hendrickson Performance Horses.

Heading For the Rockies

At 28 years old, Adam moved to Colorado to establish his new life and business with his wife, Jacque. Nestled in the shadow of the scenic Rocky Mountains, the training operation the couple runs is near the town of Windsor, where their client base and string of promising mounts are continually growing.

Why I Choose Platinum

"I use Platinum to allow my horses to perform at their full potential. It is a great feeling to know that your horses are feeling and looking their very best, so I can perform at mine. Good nutrition is an essential part of my program, and that's why I use Platinum."

Adam's Formulas for Success
  • Platinum Performance® CJ
    Platinum Performance® CJ

    The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint Support

    Platinum Performance® CJ is the only supplement of its kind, developed in vete...

    Starting at $147.00
  • Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness
    Platinum Performance® Equine

    The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula

    Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness is a veterinarian-developed formula, del...

    Starting at $61.00
  • Healthy Weight
    Healthy Weight

    A Healthy Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Equine Weight Management

    Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Healthy Weight is supportive in many ways including a...

    Starting at $7.75
  • Platinum Gastric Support
    Platinum Gastric Support®

    Helps Maintain Equine Stomach and Hindgut Health

    Platinum Gastric Support® helps maintain healthy gastric acid levels in the st...

    Starting at $92.00
  • Platinum Balance®
    Platinum Balance®

    A Daily Probiotic to Maintain Equine Digestive Health

    This daily probiotic formula provides both prebiotics and probiotics to support di...

    Starting at $25.00
  • Platinum Recover®
    Platinum Recover®

    High Performance Muscle Support Formula for Horses

    As a combination of Hemo-Flo and Myo-Vet, Platinum Recover® supports blood pre...

    Starting at $210.00