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Purchasing Products for Dogs & Cats

Wellness is Rewarding with Platinum Rewards®

Keeping your dogs and cats healthy is rewarding. Earn Platinum Rewards® Points every time you purchase a Platinum formula either directly from us or from your Veterinarian. You can use those Platinum Rewards® Points toward future purchases of Platinum formulas or Platinum merchandise.

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Earn 2 points for every full dollar you spend on any Platinum Performance Formula.


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For every 1,000 points, you’ll earn $10 to spend on your next order. You can redeem Rewards when you checkout on our Website or by calling a Platinum Advisor.

How Does Platinum Rewards® Work?

Platinum Rewards® is a complimentary rewards program offered by Platinum Performance®. You earn Platinum Rewards® Points with every purchase of Platinum Performance® formulas. Then, you can redeem your Platinum Rewards® Points to help pay for future orders.

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How Do I Redeem My Platinum Rewards® Points?

You can redeem your Platinum Rewards® Points on our Website as you shop or by calling a Platinum Advisor at 1-800-553-2400. To redeem your Platinum Rewards® on our Website, you can view and apply your available points after you have added products to your cart and begin checkout.

You may login to your account anytime to see your available points and your history of using points on our Website.

Can I Earn Platinum Rewards® Points for Platinum Products Purchased From My Veterinarian?

Yes! Just simply provide proof of purchase information and upload a photo of the purchase receipt.

Provide Proof of Purchase