Dealing with a Dull Coat?

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Your dog’s skin and coat is a good indication of health at the cellular level. If your dog has a dull dry coat or flaky skin there could be an underlying nutrient deficiency. By providing a comprehensive daily wellness formula like Platinum Performance Canine, you can rest easy knowing your dog is getting the omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids and trace minerals needed for healthy skin and a vibrant coat.

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Supplements for a Vibrant Healthy Coat

Supplementing with Fatty Acids

Although fatty acid deficiencies in dogs are rare, they result from the consumption of foods that have undergone excessive oxidative damage and have a high level of rancidity. A dull, dry coat and hair loss are common signs of fatty acid deficiencies. Platinum DHA/EPA Oil is a very palatable vegetarian-based source of long chain omega-3 fatty acids recommended to support a healthy skin and coat.

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  • Health Tip

    To determine the source of a skin allergy there are a few simple steps you can follow. First make a like of potential environmental allergens that your dog is exposed to and eliminate them one at a time. Monitor and make a record to try and establish a pattern and also introduce dietary changes individually to determine which change is benefitting your dog.

Platinum Skin & Allergy

For Seasonal Allergy Support

Allergies can appear in the skin causing irritation, itching and hair loss in response to exposure to common allergens. Platinum Skin & Allergy is recommended to:

  • Help support immune response with Thymus Extract
  • Help maintain healthy histamine levels with Quercetin
  • Support a healthy skin and coat with Algal DHA

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  • Hershey

    Platinum Performance® client since 2006

    “We rescued Hershey six years ago. She was underweight, so our vet recommended Platinum Performance. She’s been on it ever since. People ask what we do to keep her coat so glossy, and we tell them the secret is Platinum! Her muzzle may be getting a few gray hairs, but she is still active, healthy and definitely the shiniest lab in town! Thank you Platinum Performance!” — Tim & Nancy M.

  • Lucy

    Platinum Performance® client since 2013

    “We adopted Lucy over a year ago as a puppy. Our other 2 rat terriers were also rescues but not very socialized. Lucy has transformed them into normal dogs now with her persistent happy personality. Her once dull coat is now smooth and shiny and she is full of energy!” — Evelyn D.

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