For Every Part of Your Dog!

A comprehensive daily wellness supplement like Platinum Performance® Canine can help keep your
 dog healthy by addressing all aspects of health before a problem arises. Because of the comprehensive nature of this formula, the expertly sourced ingredients work synergistically for maximum efficacy to transform health at the cellular level and provide greater impact than stand-alone products. This approach supports every aspect of wellness and performance, eliminating the need to feed a variety of different supplements.

Platinum Performance® Canine

Complete Wellness & Performance Formula

When you provide your dogs all the nutrients that nature intended, you'll see benefits in every aspect of their health, from joints and digestion, to a shiny coat and ideal weight. Platinum Performance® Canine was developed with human-grade ingredients selected on quality and bioavailability for superior results and a healthier dog from the inside out.

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  • For Dogs of All Ages
    Platinum Performance® Canine is recommended for all dogs of all life stages regardless of breed or activity level.
  • Easily Top-Dressed on Any Dog Food
    Platinum Performance® Canine is a highly palatability granular formula that can easily be top-dressed on all commercial or home-cooked diets.
  • For Advanced Needs
    For best results, Platinum Performance® Canine should be fed in conjunction with targeted support formulas for dogs that need advanced support.

All The Ways Platinum Helps Your Pet

  • Total Canine Wellness
  • Joint Support
  • Allergy Support
  • Muscle Health
  • Bone Health
  • Cognitive Function
  • Digestive Health
  • Immune Support
  • Skin & Coat Health
    Skin & Coat Health
  • Tendon & Ligament
    Tendon & Ligament
  • Weight Management
  • Reproduction
    Repro &

Client Stories

  • Club & Popcorn

    Platinum Performance Clients since 2017

    “Club and Popcorn started on Platinum Performance thanks to Dr. Carrie Turner's recommendation. I recently moved from Lake Tahoe back to my Dad's to care for him and fell behind on giving them Platinum. I noticed Club having flaking issues and Dr. Carrie asked if I had stopped using Platinum Performance. I got my delivery and after 6 servings Club's flakes are gone. Thanks for such a great product!” — Thomas E.

  • Tobee

    Platinum Performance Client since 2012

    “Tobee is a rescue for Big Bear. He’s a registered Therapy Dog and has touched so many lives. Tobee loves his Platinum Performance. I can offer Platinum in my hand and he will eat it as a treat if not in his morning breakfast. Platinum has been a blessing as Tybee had surgery this year. Dr. Brucker with VSMG is very happy with the results. THANK YOU Platinum Performance, we love the product and your staff.” — Denise R.

  • Winston

    Platinum Performance Client since 2014

    “We were Platinum Performance users with our other Lab (Spencer). He had horrible skin and coat issues. He sadly passed away last year. We got a lab puppy that at 6 months developed allergies we put him on Platinum Performance and he has stopped chewing. Thank you Platinum Performance, we are completely sold on your products!” — Rita W.

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