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Choose from veterinary-developed canine and feline supplements that include daily digestive support and advanced support for dogs and puppies in times of intestinal disturbances and diarrhea. Key nutrients to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system include omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber, in addition to vitamins and trace minerals. Learn more

Four Common Causes of Intestinal Problems for Dogs

Changes to a Dog's Diet. New dog food can irritate the digestive tract. Veterinarians advise slowly transitioning to a new diet by mixing the new food in with the old, and increasing the amount of new food over the course of a week.

Food Sensitivities. Some dogs have trouble digesting certain ingredients such as corn, soy and wheat and frequently develop upset stomachs. If this occurs, try switching to a rice-based diet, which is mild and easy on the stomach.

Table Scraps. A dog's digestive tract is designed to digest and absorb specific nutrients. Some table scraps can be harmful. Play close attention to the types of table scraps you give your dog and avoid, spicy, salty and heavily processed foods.

Parasites. Parasites can be detrimental to your dog's digestive health, resulting in debilitation, malnourishment, weight loss and irritation. To ensure your dog is parasite free, maintain a good de-worming program.

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