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The Extra Mile

What it Takes to Guarantee the Very Best Quality

What does quality really mean when it comes to nutrition, and how exactly does it influence an animal’s health and performance? Bottom line, does it really matter?

At Platinum Performance®, "Quality" still stands as not only the company’s mantra, but as the standard by which all things are measured — ingredient purity, product efficacy, manufacturing practices and client service.

The Sum of Its Parts

Far more than simply a claim on a label, “Quality” starts before a raw ingredient ever comes close to entering the doors of Platinum’s California facility. “Choosing the ingredients that come together to make our formulas is one of our greatest responsibilities,” says Dustin Mojonnier, Director of Production at Platinum Performance®. “We scour the world for the absolute best quality ingredients we can find,” he continues. “We’re looking for excellent bio-availability (absorbability), impeccable safety standards, verified research and a track record of results.”

Thanks to a rigorous vetting process, suppliers must meet a strict set of requirements. “We live by the same old adage,” says Platinum Performance® President and CEO Mark Herthel, “trust but verify.” He’s a fanatic for all things related to the quality of the products that bear the Platinum name. “We’re obsessive,” says Herthel. “We fully understand that the health and safety of someone’s animal is in our hands.”

“Choosing the ingredients that come together to make our formulas is one of our greatest responsibilities. We scour the world for the absolute best quality ingredients we can find, looking for excellent bio-availability, impeccable safety standards, verified research and a track record of results.”

Dustin Mojonnier

Director of Production at Platinum Performance®

Top Shelf

Platinum Performance® formulas are only as good as the ingredients at their core. Ask Chase Millhollen, food scientist at Platinum Performance®, and he’ll tell you that it’s the finite details — the small steps — that make for big results. He would know. Chase is responsible for the research and verification behind each of Platinum’s raw ingredient sources — an exhaustive process that he takes tremendous pride in.

It’s this level of detail that moved founder, Dr. Doug Herthel, to make the early decision to choose quality and efficacy over price. Veterinarians fully appreciate the power of prevention and increasingly turn to nutrition as a tool to influence everything from inflammatory levels to joint health and gastrointestinal conditions. “To have a veterinarian trust you enough to recommend your product, that’s a privilege that we work very hard to earn,” says Mark Herthel. It’s those veterinarians that have been the company’s inspiration from day one, helping to bring a greater understanding of the importance of nutrition to animal owners across the country.

Tested, Then Tested Again

Since its inception, Platinum Performance® products were, and continue to be, made from almost entirely human grade ingredients. By sourcing human-grade ingredients rather than animal grade, ingredients are manufactured, stored and shipped with increased care and control.

Walk through the Platinum facility and you’ll feel like you’re in a research lab — a complete departure from the feed mill-type atmosphere that most envision when picturing the manufacturing of animal supplements. “People are often shocked by our facility,” says Mark Herthel, “it’s not what you’d expect.” The facility is state-of-the-art, equipped with the highest level manufacturing technology and quality testing capabilities, as well as being one of only a handful of animal supplement companies to be both NASC certified and NSF/GMP registered. “Our facility is 10 minutes from the veterinary clinic where we were founded,” says Herthel. “We get to produce our products in the horse country of the Santa Ynez Valley right in between the mountains and the ocean.”

“Producing all of our products in our own facility gives us much greater control,” says Conor Keegan, who oversees in-house quality testing at Platinum Performance®. “We approve any potential raw material by subjecting it to our own in-house and third-party lab testing to verify that identity, potency and purity meet our established ingredient specifications,” he continues. “All Platinum Performance products will contain ‘Made Fresh On’ and ‘Best Before’ dates,” he says. “One of the reasons Platinum products deliver the promised results is that they’re fresh and the integrity of the ingredients is maintained.” That freshness is paramount in veterinary practice when patients rely on therapeutic nutrition to help with crucial healing and recovery.

Researching the Future

Believing that standing still is actually stepping backward, Mark Herthel has driven the company to be in a continual state of improvement and creation. With a dedication to research, there is constant progress happening in the form of new ingredient testing, in-practice feeding trials and university studies. “We don’t introduce a lot of new products,” says Herthel. “We hone in on a few product concepts that are in direct response to veterinarians’ requests, then we research, source, trial and refine until they prove themselves over time. Every product is born out of clinical necessity, and it often takes us over two years to introduce each new product.” Quality without results is only half the equation. With Platinum, it has to be the total package.

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Tara Hembrooke, PhD

by Tara Hembrooke, PhD, MS,
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