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By registering and completing enrollment in the Platinum Rewards Program (the "Program"), you ("Participant", "you" or "your") agree that you have read and understand the following terms and conditions governing your participation in the Program (the "Agreement"). Participant further agrees to comply with and be bound by this Agreement, including any future amendments to the Agreement that may be posted from time to time, including any notice of discontinuation of the Program. Continued participation in the Program following any such amendment constitutes your acceptance of any changes to the terms and conditions of the Program or this Agreement.

Earning Points

  1. Except as provided below, each Participant will accrue points in his or her Program account for every dollar spent and paid to Platinum for products or other merchandise ("Qualifying Purchase"); and may accrue points for enrolling additional profiles via: the Platinum website located at ("Website"), phone, or otherwise through Platinum, after registering to participate in the Program. Participants will not earn points for dollars spent before registering for the Program.
  2. Points will not be awarded for any amounts or charges for shipping costs, taxes or other similar fees or levies.
  3. From time to time, Platinum or its Program affiliates may offer participants the ability to receive Program points in exchange for registering to receive certain products or services, completing surveys, or other methods that do not involve monetary expenditures. Platinum may inform Participant of such offers via updates on the Website or otherwise communicating the offers to Participants ("Updates"). In the event Platinum offers such methods of earning points, participants may not use scripts, software or other automated processes as a means of generating multiple submissions to earn Program points in connection with such offerings and you will only receive points once for the performance of a given promotion (i.e., you will not earn additional points for answering the same survey additional times). Any disputes regarding the methods used to earn Program points shall be resolved by Platinum in its sole discretion.
  4. In addition to the other provisions of this Agreement, Program points may be eliminated if (a) Participant has not made a Qualifying Purchase under the Program for 12 months, or (b) if not used within 2 years from the date they are earned.


  1. Points accrued in any Program account do not constitute property of the Participant, and are not transferable, by operation of law or otherwise, to any other person or entity. If Platinum issues a card or certificate to Participant indicating the number of points the Participant has ("Cards"), such Cards (a) are nontransferable and (b) have no cash value and are not gift cards or gift certificates and are not redeemable for cash under any circumstance.
  2. Once points or a Card are issued, they must be redeemed by the expiration date. Unless otherwise stated on the Card or at the time of issuance, expiration will be 90 days from the issue date.
  3. Refunds or other monetary credits given to a Participant will reduce the points accrued in the Participant's Program account.

Redeeming Points

  1. You may apply points to the purchase price up to the maximum sale price of the corresponding product or service. You must indicate that you are applying points to the purchase price at the time the purchase is made. Points earned on Qualifying Purchases that have been shipped and invoiced may only be redeemed on subsequent purchases and no sooner than the next business day.
  2. Points may only be redeemed in whole dollar amounts (e.g. if you have $25.12 to redeem, you can only redeem $25.00).
  3. For Platinum products purchased at veterinary clinics, proof of purchase must be shown via entering the lot/bar code information and uploading a photo of the purchase receipt to
  4. In addition to using Program points toward purchases of products or merchandise from Platinum, Participants may use Program points to receive certain awards or services from third parties. Platinum reserves the right to offer certain other benefits to Program participants. Participants should view the Updates to obtain full information about available awards and services and corresponding redemption rates.
  5. All products, awards and services are subject to availability and certain other restrictions may apply. Platinum reserves the right to modify or cancel any award or service offered as part of the Program at any time.
  6. If Participants elect to participate in offerings or receive services from third parties, such participation may be subject to certain terms and conditions of the third party. Participant agrees that Platinum is not responsible for the terms or conditions offered by such third party or for any products or services redeemed in connection with such third parties or for changes to, or discontinuance of, any such companies' promotions or programs.
  7. Redeemed awards or services are not refundable, exchangeable, replaceable or transferable for cash, credit, other awards, or Program points and are not valid outside the United States. Points cannot be redeemed until the Participant's account is in good standing (e.g. all payments are current).
  8. Participants may not combine Program points from different Program accounts.
  9. By participating in the Program or redeeming awards or services, the Participant releases Platinum and its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officers, directors and agents, from any liability whatsoever for, and waives any and all causes of action related to, any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with acceptance, possession, use of or inability to use any points and/or Participant's participation in the Program (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries and damages related to pecuniary loss, personal injuries, death, or damage to or destruction of property), whether under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or other theory.


  1. Except as provided herein, the Program is available to all persons over 18 years of age or entities that register to participate in the Program, and whose account with Platinum is in good standing (which includes compliance with this Agreement). Each Participant may only have one Program account. Any dispute regarding the owner of a Program account will be resolved by Platinum in its sole discretion.
  2. Employees of Platinum, its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates and employees are not eligible to participate in the Program. Sponsored individuals and resellers may not be eligible to participate in the Program. Aside from sponsored individuals and resellers who may not be eligible, those not purchasing products at the full retail value (as stated in the corresponding price list or online) are not eligible to participate in the Program.
  3. After registering in the Program, Participants will be assigned an account number and will be eligible to begin earning points. Participants will be able to see how many points they have accumulated on their personal account profile page.

Right to Change Program

  1. Platinum reserves the right to add, change, limit, or modify the Program terms and conditions or this Agreement at any time, in its sole discretion. This means, for example, that Platinum may change the number of points earned for spending, change the number of points required to earn awards or purchase products or services, change the awards or services offered or impose a limit on the number of points that may be earned.
  2. Platinum may also terminate the Program in its sole discretion by posting a notice on the Website or sending an Update at least thirty (30) days prior to the termination date advising that the Program will terminate. Participants understand and agree that such posting constitutes adequate and sufficient notice. At the expiration of the thirty (30) day period, participants may no longer earn points.

Account Access

  1. At the time of registration for the Program, Participant may be required to establish a password to enable access to his or her Program account.
  2. Platinum is entitled to act on instructions received under Participant's password. Platinum is not responsible for any redemptions or other actions transacted on a Participant's account by another person who uses such Participant's password. Any disputes relating to the validity or identity of an owner associated with a Participant's password shall be resolved by Platinum in Platinum's sole discretion.


  1. You acknowledge and agree that by joining the Program, Platinum may send, and you may receive, email notices (including Updates) about the Program from time to time as well as other messages from Platinum.
  2. Points earned through the Program may result in tax liability or reporting obligations. Any tax liability, including disclosure obligations, associated with the receipt or use of Program points or awards shall be the sole responsibility of the Participant.
  3. In the case of fraud or abuse involving the Program, or failure to comply with this Agreement, or the Updates, Platinum reserves the right, without waiving or limiting any other remedy or claim it may have, to take appropriate administrative and legal action, including canceling accrued points and/or the Participant's Program account.
  4. Platinum reserves the right to cancel accrued points and terminate a Participant's Program account if his or her account is not in good standing (which includes compliance with this Agreement).
  5. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for participation in the Program, the accrual of points or the redemption of points shall be resolved by Platinum in its sole discretion.
  6. This Agreement, as it may be amended from time to time, together with the Updates, as they may be amended from time to time, shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter.

Platinum Rewards Pay Terms & Conditions - EQCO-EQ-003-A; Effective Date March 31, 2017

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