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Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula
This daily wellness formula helps support dogs from puppies to adults of all breeds. A veterinarian-developed formula, Platinum Performance® Canine provides a special blend of the highest quality ingredients to support every part of your dog’s health including digestion, joints, skin and coat and much more.
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Price starting at $23.00
+ joint
Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula With Joint Support
This formula adds more joint support for dogs to our wellness formula with an additional 500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate in each serving. Glucosamine Sulfate is an easily absorbed natural substance to help maintain healthy joints.
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Price starting at $27.00
+ adv. joint
Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Complete Joint Formula
Our most comprehensive canine joint support formula is designed to address major contributors involved in canine joint health while still providing ingredients important for overall health and wellness.
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Price starting at $42.00
Complete Omega-3 Wellness Formula for Cats
With more than 10 supplements in one formula, including vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, omega-3s and more, Platinum Performance® Feline Wellness Formula supports your cat’s overall health. This veterinary-developed supplement provides support for every aspect of wellness, from a cat’s joints to digestive health, and includes 200mg per teaspoon of taurine, an amino acid that helps promote cardiac health in cats.
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Price starting at $12.50

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