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Platinum Performance Wellness formula

Is Your Dog Getting Older?

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By supplementing your dog with the proper building blocks for long-term health, you can help ensure that your senior is able to maintain a happy and healthy life. Platinum Performance® Canine CJ provides a bio-available source of nutrients needed to maintain overall health in addition to joint supporting ingredients to target common joint concerns that occur with age.

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Give Your Senior Dog an Advantage

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Platinum Performance® Canine CJ
Total Canine Wellness & Complete Joint Formula

Our Veterinarian-developed canine joint formula delivers comprehensive joint support for active dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds in addition to supporting senior dogs. Designed to address major contributors involved in canine joint health, this formula also provides important ingredients for overall health and wellness.

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Platinum Performance® Canine PLUS
Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula With Joint Support

This formula adds more joint support for dogs to our wellness formula with an additional 500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate in each serving. Glucosamine Sulfate is an easily absorbed natural substance to help maintain healthy joints. More Details and Product Analysis »See Results »

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Vegetarian Omega-3 for Dogs
Veterinarians recommend DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) to support a healthy skin and coat, cognitive function and cardiovascular health. Platinum DHA Oil is a very palatable vegetarian-based source of long chain omega-3 fatty acids that can be used in place of fish-based DHA oils.
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Helps Support Normal Inflammatory Response for Dogs
Platinum Comfort contains two botanical extracts that may help ease aches or discomfort. The Platinum Comfort should be used with a source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, such as Platinum Performance® Canine.
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Price starting at $59.00

The Natural Aging Process

Everyday activity and exercise can cause your dog’s joint to breakdown over time due to the natural aging process. By giving his joints and connective tissues proper support, you’ll be helping to make sure he’s comfortable and active.

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Health Tip

Give your senior dog every advantage for an active life by providing ingredients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants that will help support health at the cellular level. A comprehensive daily wellness supplement rich with omega-3 fatty acids can help support skin & coat health, cognitive function as well as joint and cardiovascular health.

Platinum DHA/EPA Oil

Vegetarian Omega-3

Platinum DHA/EPA Oil is a very palatable vegetarian-based source of long chain omega-3 fatty acids that can be used in place of fish-based EPA and DHA oils. Platinum DHA/EPA Oil is recommended to:

  • Help support a healthy skin and coat
  • Help maintain healthy cognitive function
  • Maintain normal healthy levels of inflammation
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Platinum Performance® client since 2009

“Maple is a 13-year-old Boxer. She still gets around pretty well, plays with toys and tries to chase squirrels. I attribute much of her longevity to Platinum CJ. She’s been on it for 5 years. She watches over our 2-year-old French Bulldog. Thanks for a great product!”
— Kathy S.



Platinum Performance® client since 2003

“Squishy and her other younger siblings have been taking Platinum Canine CJ for many years. People are so shocked when they find out she is 14. She doesn’t look or act her age. Platinum is the only thing I add to their kibble and ground meat every morning.”
— Robyn S.

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