Auto-Ship Delivery Program for Dogs and Cats

When you ship your products on a fully customized automatic shipment schedule, Platinum picks up half the shipping cost. You save time and your dog and cat always have the nutrition they need.

It's Simple to Save 50% on Shipping For Every Order


Select Auto-Ship When
Buying Canine Formulas

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Choose How Frequently
You Receive Formulas

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Complete Your Order,
Check-Out and Save

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It’s Easy to Sign-up & Start Saving Now

  • Ship products automatically and save 50% on shipping.*
  • Choose to Auto-Ship when you select formulas or review items in your shopping cart.
  • Never run out of products for your pets by selecting how often you’d like your deliveries. You can change dates and frequency anytime.
  • Products ship at any interval you choose.

*Platinum will pay 50% of your shipping on ground shipping

Fast and Convenient Ways to Manage Deliveries

  • Change delivery times, pause or cancel your orders anytime on our Website*.
  • Call a Platinum Advisor at 800-553-2400 who will be happy to adjust your Auto-Ships. You can reach us M-F, 6am-5 pm and Sat. 8am-1pm.
  • Receive email reminders that your order will ship 1 week in advance.

Ship Wherever You and Your Pets Travel – Auto-Ship is Customizable

  • Traveling with your dog? It’s easy to update delivery addresses on our Website or by calling us at 800-553-2400.
  • Store multiple addresses in your addressbook online so you can quickly update ship-to locations.

100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Auto-Shipping your supplements ensures your pets get an uninterrupted supply of the daily nutrition they need.
  • We guarantee you’ll receive your products on time – no more worrying about running out or timing orders to ensure a full supply.
  • Our 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee is built into everything we do. We’ll always ensure you’re cared for to the highest standard.