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We Don’t Compromise on Quality

Why “Quality” Matters

"High Quality" is almost a ubiquitous term these days. But what does "quality" really mean? And what should you know when choosing formulas for your pets? At Platinum, we’ve taken a different approach since our founding in veterinary practice over two decades ago. See why quality matters, and how we take it to the highest level to be sure your animals are safe and seeing results.

A Company That Cares

Quality Ingredients

We don’t compromise on quality. Ever. We carefully select then vet suppliers, and choose ingredients based on sound science and unrelenting quality standards.

Independently Tested

We start with the very best ingredients, then test them and test them again for quality, potency, purity and over 200 banned substances. So you can rest assured.

Made In House

Our formulas are made and packaged by our own seasoned team of experts in our FDA/cGMP facility. No outsourcing, no shortcuts, you have our word.

“We’ve taken the quality approach and have made our own products from the very beginning. That’s an important part of why our products work well. We know our ingredients, and we know if something doesn’t look right, taste right or test right. We’re out to protect our clients; there’s nothing more important.”
— Conor Keegan, Microbiologist, Platinum Performance®

Nutrition Based on Sound Science

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Going the Extra Mile to Guarantee Quality

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We’re Here to Help

Have questions about our commitment to quality or which formulas are right for your pet’s individual needs? Contact a Platinum Advisor and get answers.