Frequently Asked Questions

Platinum Rewards

How does Platinum Rewards work?

Platinum Rewards is a complimentary rewards program offered by Platinum Performance®. You earn Platinum Rewards Points with every purchase of Platinum Performance® formulas. Then, you can redeem your Platinum Rewards Points to help pay for future orders. You will receive a monthly statement of your current redeemable Platinum Rewards Points.

  • Earn 2 points for every dollar you spend online, over the phone or in your veterinary practice. You’ll earn points on formulas you purchase for yourself, your horse or your cats and dogs.
  • For every 1000 points you earn, you’ll receive $10 to spend on your next order

How do I Sign Up?

If interested in joining, you can call and speak with a Platinum Advisor 1-800-553-2400 or sign-up online by completing a simple form ( and agreeing to Terms and Conditions of the program.

How do I Redeem My Platinum Reward Points?

You can redeem your Platinum Rewards Points by calling a Platinum Advisor at 1-800-553-2400. You aren’t currently able to redeem your Platinum Rewards Points for online purchases.

Can I Earn Platinum Reward Points for Platinum Products Purchased From My Veterinarian?

Yes! Just go to ( to provide proof of purchase information and upload a photo of the purchase receipt.