Founded By Veterinarians,
For Veterinarians

Nearly 20 years ago, Platinum Performance was created in a veterinary hospital, by an equine surgeon that wanted to see his patients heal more efficiently. Read about our heritage.

Our Heritage

Years of Research.

Research has been an integral part of our culture from the beginning. The effects of our formulas are studied in colleges of veterinary medicine across the country, and in the Platinum Performance Clinical Nutrition Laboratory. We examine cutting edge ingredients and innovative theories about equine nutrition.


Unmatched Quality

We choose quality and efficacy over low cost ingredients because it affects the results you will see when using our formulas. We also test every raw ingredient for banned substances, quality, potency and purity.


Client Support

We're Here to Support You

We work in tandem with many veterinarians and their clients, to be sure the patient has the best possible nourishment for health, performance, or a health condition.


Good Nutrition is Good Medicine

If you’d like more information about how to give your patients a nutritional advantage with Platinum Performance, please call us at 800-553-2400.