We were founded in veterinary medicine, and started with real life cases and clinical research. Our clients have relied on us to keep their dogs and cats healthy for over 20 years.

Client Stories

  • Gracie

    “Gracie is a 13.5-year-old German Shepherd mix. I rescued her from the streets of Salinas, CA, 12.5 years ago. She has been very healthy. Even now, being an old lady, her eyes are still shining and her coat is beautiful. Only her hearing is completely gone. A few month ago she started having major joint discomfort to the point where she couldn't walk or get up without crying in pain. Our vet recommended Platinum Performance CJ. Almost immediately she started acting like a "spring chicken" again. She even runs and plays in the yard with our foster dogs.” — Martina B.

    Platinum Performance Client since 2018
    Health Concerns: Joint Health, Bone Health, Overall Wellness
    Activities: Family Pet
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Canine CJ

  • Boost

    “Boost recently experienced some surprising allergy issues which led to allergy testing. He was allergic to all sources of protein besides pork and other environmental allergens, which meant switching his food, treats and etc... I was so nervous about switching his food because his previous diet was a very well rounded meal with nutrients and supplements. That's when I decided to start him on Platinum Performance Canine Plus! I now have no worries about Boost not receiving his required nutrients or supplements because it's all there! He has been on this product for 4 months now and his skin and hair coat are always shiny and clear, and with the added glucosamine my athletic pup has the joint and muscle support he needs! As a Veterinary Technician this product is always something I recommend to clients too!” — Callie R.

    Platinum Performance Client since 2017
    Health Concerns: Overall Wellness
    Activities: Family Pet, Agility
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Canine Plus

  • Tuck

    “Tuck is a mini Aussie, border collie and Australian Shepherd mix. He is a quick, quiet and sweet boy that always aims to please! He loves his Platinum for his joints and GI health!” — Angie K.

    Platinum Performance Client since 2017
    Health Concerns: Athletic Performance, Allergy Support and Digestive Health
    Activities: Family Pet, Agility and Therapy Dog
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Canine

  • Augie & River

    “Augie and River live on a 10-acre almond ranch in northern California and have a lot of room to run and swim in a nearby creek. They also take an annual vacation to Stinson Beach every summer. Life is good for them and they truly benefit from their Platinum Performance supplements, which they have been taking for at least 5 years or so. Their groom noticed a difference in their coats soon after I started them on the CJ product. I have also used the weight loss product as well.” — Glenn H.

    Platinum Performance Client since 2015
    Health Concerns: Joint Health, Overall Wellness, Tendon and Ligament Health
    Activities: Family Pets, Walking, Frisbee
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Canine CJ

Client Reviews:

  • It contains all the trace minerals and vitamins that I feared my 15 year old dog was not getting from his regular diet. He has more energy now and visibly feels better since putting him on Platinum Performance. Love it. Thanks a bunch you guys.
    — Paige Heatherly

  • There is a lot to like about Platinum Performance. I have been feeding it for years to compliment my dog's raw diet and have been impressed with the results. I am impressed with the quality and the research that goes into each product.
    — Dianne Mccormick

  • My dog is 10 years old and went through chemo treatment last year. She has also recently shown signs of limping and soreness after running. Once finished will all the vet visits I was looking for a high quality supplement to help boost her immunity and overall health. We have taken the Complete Joint supplement for over a month now. Her coat is as shinny as can be and there has been improvement in her mobility!
    — Candy Karsten

  • My dog is very allergic to grass (and rolls in it to itch her face!). I use your Allergy powder and it has drastically helped. Thank you!
    — Michele Hopkins

  • Ease of use—I can just mix with their dry food and some water. Improved energy—both dogs are more mobile and energized. Better digestion—consistent and regular movements. Great customer service—the entire team is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns.
    — Diana Kirby

  • I give my Dachshund Platinum Performance every day. She's very active, happy and her coat simply shines. I was introduced to Platinum Performance by my son's Great Dane's vet. I asked if it would be good for my doxie and he said absolutely! I've been looking at a brochure that was included in my order and there are some other items I will be ordering for her. Thanks for such a great product.

    — Carol Blaskovich

  • Good for my dog. Easy to use and add to food.
    — John Mulholland

  • Everything! My horse and dogs have never looked so good!
    — Sara Mccullough

  • The CJ platinum powder has a flavor my dogs love. They are picky eaters, but they gobble up their food when I put it in. It works. My dogs are moving much better now that I am giving them the CJ platinum.
    — Kelly Hudson

  • Both my cat and dog seem to have improved on their health, especially my cat. She is 11 and has had some joint problems.
    — Debra G., Red Oak, TX

  • Buddy likes the Platinum bites...his coat is thick and soft. Since he has epilepsy, we feel that it is very important to supplement his diet. Platinum gives him more of the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy life, that the medications make take away.
    — Juanita K.

  • Both my cat and dog seem to have improved on their health, especially my cat. She is 11 and has had some joint problems.
    — Debra G.

  • My dog Rosie is flourishing with your product, I could not ask for anything more!
    — Ken W.

  • Platinum Performance CJ has been a tremendous help to my 10 year-old chocolate lab! He has arthritis and mild hip dysplasia. With Platinum Performance added to his food every day, he can stand up, run around and play like he did much younger. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
    — Nicole H.

  • I like that it does what you said it would do. I have recommended it to friends and they are happy also. Fantastic product. It has worked wonders for our one-year-old Border Collie who has some joint problems from not being fed properly as a young puppy before we rescued him. We are so lucky to have found him and your products at the same time.
    — Patricia F.

  • My dogs just glow with this product. I used to have a table top of supplements, now I just have this one bucket and when it's gone I have a handy bucket to boot!
    — Sharon P.