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We were founded in veterinary medicine, and the Platinum Approach started with real life cases and clinical research. Our clients rely on us to keep their dogs and cats healthy.

Real Clients. Real Results.

  • Twig

    Platinum Performance® Client since 2007

    "Twig came to me as a little puppy, and I’ve seen her blossom twice over, by just adding Platinum to her diet! Her coat shows the difference it makes. Like all my working dogs, everyone gets a scoop a day! I wouldn’t have it any other way, neither would Twig! She licks the bowl until every granule is gone. I rely on my doggies to help me and want to give them the best!" — Missy B.
  • Patrick

    Platinum Performance® Client since 2012

    "Patrick is a healthy 10-year-old retired greyhound. He gets Platinum CJ with every meal. Greyhounds are a very muscular breed and have a history of joint problems as they age. We give him and our 7-year-old female Polly Platinum CJ together. I believe his continued healthy attitude and ability to run and play still at 10 is a result of this product." — Bob S.
  • Buddy likes the Platinum bites...his coat is thick and soft. Since he has epilepsy, we feel that it is very important to supplement his diet. Platinum gives him more of the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy life, that the medications make take away.
    — Juanita K., West Chicago, IL

  • Both my cat and dog seem to have improved on their health, especially my cat. She is 11 and has had some joint problems.
    — Debra G., Red Oak, TX

  • My dog Rosie is flourishing with your product, I could not ask for anything more!
    — Ken W., Long Beach, CA

  • Platinum Performance CJ has been a tremendous help to my 10 year-old chocolate lab! He has arthritis and mild hip dysplasia. With Platinum Performance added to his food every day, he can stand up, run around and play like he did much younger. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
    — Nicole H., Gainesville, GA

  • I like that it does what you said it would do. I have recommended it to friends and they are happy also. Fantastic product. It has worked wonders for our one-year-old Border Collie who has some joint problems from not being fed properly as a young puppy before we rescued him. We are so lucky to have found him and your products at the same time.
    — Patricia F., Santa Cruz, CA

  • My dogs just glow with this product. I used to have a table top of supplements, now I just have this one bucket and when it's gone I have a handy bucket to boot!
    — Sharon P., Salem, OH