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Maintaining a properly functioning immune system is crucial in your dog’s overall wellness as it affects every area of the body from digestive health to the allergic response. Platinum Performance® Canine contains several ingredients, including L-Glutamine, vitamin C, vitamin E, whey protein and omega-3 fatty acids, that help support healthy immune function.

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Support a Healthy Immune System

+ adv. joint
Platinum Performance® Canine CJ
Total Canine Wellness & Complete Joint Formula

Our Veterinarian-developed canine joint formula delivers comprehensive joint support for active dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds in addition to supporting senior dogs. Designed to address major contributors involved in canine joint health, this formula also provides important ingredients for overall health and wellness.

Price starting at $55.00
+ joint
Platinum Performance® Canine PLUS
Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula With Joint Support

This formula adds more joint support for dogs to our wellness formula with an additional 500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate in each serving. Glucosamine Sulfate is an easily absorbed natural substance to help maintain healthy joints. More Details and Product Analysis »See Results »

Price starting at $36.00
Platinum Performance® Canine
Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula

This daily wellness formula helps support dogs from puppies to adults of all breeds. A veterinarian-developed formula, Platinum Performance® Canine provides a special blend of the highest quality ingredients to support every part of your dog’s health including digestion, joints, skin and coat and much more. More Details and Product Analysis »See Results »

Price starting at $30.00
Provides Active Immune Support
Platinum Immune Support contains high concentrations of immunoglobulins from colostrum. The immunoglobulins from colostrum provide support for the adaptive immune system while thymic protein promotes the production of T-Lymphocytes, white blood cells responsible for cell-mediated immune function.
Price starting at $128.00

When to Provide an Immune Boost

It is important to provide additional immune system support when your dog is sick, hurt or in a stressful situation. Supplements that provide immunoglobulins can assist in cell-mediated and passive immunity by supporting the body’s production of white blood cells and aiding in the proper function of your dog’s immune system.

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Health Tip

Help your dog stay healthy and happy by avoiding a stressful environment that leads to anxiety. Stress impairs immune system function and increases the body’s susceptibility to infections.

Platinum Immune Support

Provides Passive & Active Immune Support

  • Contains high concentrations of immunoglobulins, colostrum and thymic protein
  • Helps to support immediate passive immunity while stimulating the production of T-Lymphocytes, white blood cells responsible for cell-mediated immunity
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Which Product is Right?

Immune Health
Platinum Performance® Canine

How It Works
Provides key nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E & C and L-Glutamine.

Recommended For
All ages for a strong foundation key to immune system function.

Platinum Immune Support

How It Works
Provides support when immunity may be compromised.

Recommended For
Dogs that are sick or recovering from illness.

Best Result
Platinum Performance® Canine
+ Platinum Immune Support

How It Works
Comprehensive wellness with advanced targeted support for immune function.

Recommended For
Advanced immune support needs when immunity is compromised.

*Platinum Performance® Canine, Platinum Performance® Canine CJ and Platinum Performance® Canine PLUS would all be appropriate choices.

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Platinum Performance® client since 2008

“Butterbean started on Platinum Plus when she was around 4. When Butter turned 6, she was diagnosed with epi (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). My vet and I agree if it had not been for Platinum, Butter’s immune system would not have been able to fight off the infection as well as it did. She’s now 10 and on Platinum CJ.”
— Susan M.



Platinum Performance® client since 2011

“Platinum Plus is wonderful. It was first recommended by my holistic vet 10 years ago when my pet developed a skin condition. It has strengthened her immune system to the point of keeping the condition in control. It has also been recommended as a supplement by my traditional vet to support healthy liver function. She is happy, healthy and still runs like the wind.”
— Shirley W.

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