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You can help support your pet's long-term health by supplementing with ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and soluble fiber designed to maintain total body health and optimal digestive function. Bio-Sponge® offers advanced support for your pet during times of intestinal upset.

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Supplements for Advanced GI Support

    • Dog Supplements
      Platinum Performance® Canine

      Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula

      This daily wellness formula helps support dogs from puppies to adults of all breeds. A veterinarian-developed fo...

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      Platinum Bits®

      Platinum Performance Canine Bite Sized Treats

      Platinum Bits® are a healthy treat for dogs, providing all of the benefits of Platinum Performance® Cani...

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    • Bio-Sponge® Capsules for Dogs

      An Intestinal Adsorbent

      Bio-Sponge® is an intestinal protectant designed to help support healthy intestinal function. This formula h...

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    • Small Animal Bio-Sponge Syringe
      Small Animal Bio-Sponge® Paste

      An Intestional Adsorbant for Dogs, Cats and Small Animals

      Bio-Sponge® is an intestinal protectant designed to help support healthy intestinal function. This formula h...

      Starting at $10.50

Maintaining Digestive Health

Platinum Performance® Canine can help maintain a properly-functioning gastrointestinal system with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and a maintenance level of Bio-Sponge® in addition to vitamins and minerals key to digestive health.

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  • Health Tip

    Change in diet is a common cause of intestinal disturbances. Slowly transition to a new diet by mixing the new food in with the old, and then increase the amount of new food over about 7-10 days for best results.


Supports Healthy Gastrointestinal Function

Bio-Sponge® is a small animal health supplement designed to help support healthy gastrointestinal function in small animals as it has a substantial capacity to adsorb and/or neutralize pathogenic compounds associated with intestinal disturbances in adult dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

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  • Da Silva

    Platinum Performance® client since 2012

    “Da Silva is a show champion and uses 3 of your products. Bio-Sponge has made her have perfect stools, and we never have issues when we travel and show. Thank you for helping my girl be happy and healthy.” — Krista P.

  • Hannah

    Intestinal Health

    “I can’t say enough about Bio-Sponge Paste. Hannah started having severe diarrhea and lost some of her appetite. I ordered Bio-Sponge and when it arrived, I immediately gave her 5cc and then gave her another 5cc that evening. The next morning her stools were perfectly normal and have been ever since. I am amazed at how quickly and how well this product performed.” — Shari C.

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