Nutrition for Cellular Health

Impacting the Health and Function of Every Cell in the Equine Body

Twenty years ago, many people, including veterinarians, physicians and laypeople, considered the primary role of nutrition in humans and animals to be to support growth and provide the appropriate amount of nutrients needed for energy. And that is true. To a degree. Today, however, we know that nutrition plays a far more critical role in health, performance and overall functioning of the body. In fact, most nutritional effects occur "under the surface" in ways that are not always obvious to the naked eye. That is, until there is evidence of disease. Nutrition affects each and every living organism, and it starts at the cell.

Nutritional Solutions to Support Your Patients

See our recommended Platinum Protocols for common equine conditions and injuries.

Condition Products Protocol
Overall Wellness
  • Platinum Performance® Equine or
    Platinum Performance® CJ
Administer 1 scoop of Platinum Performance® Equine or Platinum Performance® CJ BID.
Advanced Cellular Support
  • Platinum Performance® Equine
  • Platinum Longevity® (Powder or Paste)
  • Platinum Antioxidant
Administer 1 scoop of Platinum Performance® Equine BID and 1 rounded scoop or 10cc of Platinum Longevity® SID or 1 rounded scoop of Platinum Antioxidant BID.

SID = 1 time daily, BID = 2 times daily, TID = 3 times daily.​

The Science Explained

Cellular Nutrition: A New Perspective in Veterinary Medicine

Supplementation and Its Role in Equine Health

Inflammation in the Horse

The Affect of Pterostilbene, Curcumin and Antioxidants on Cellular Health

The Primary Differences Between Pterostilbene and Resveratrol

Feeding to Reduce Oxidative Damage

Nutrition Impacts Each and Every Cell
in Many Ways, Including:

  • Cell-to-cell communication
  • Receptor functioning
  • Transport of compounds into and out of the cell
  • DNA function and gene expression
  • Protein synthesis
  • Energy production
  • The oxidative state of the cell
  • Cellular inflammatory responses

Recent Studies Show Significant Results with Clinical Nutrition*


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

University of California, Davis
78% increase in the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in the cell membrane after 6 weeks supplementation.


Digestive Efficiency

University of California, Davis
87.5% of studied horses gained a significant amount of weight without a significant increase in energy intake.


Reproduction & Fertility

Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Lab
129% increase in successful pregnancy rates.


Skin & Allergy

University of California, Davis
50% decrease in wheal size post- supplementation in response to injection with a mixed grasses antigen compared to pre-supplementation.


Metabolic Health

Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Lab
20% Improvement in metabolic health indicators.

*Studies performed using Platinum Performance® products including Platinum Performance® Equine formula and Platinum Metabolic Support. Contact a Platinum Advisor at 1-866-553-2400 to request further information.

The Science Behind the Supplements

White Papers

Nutrition and Cellular Function

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Nutrients Beyond the NRC

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Feeding to Reduce Oxidative Damage

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Protecting a Horse’s Health with a Resveratrol Analogue, Antioxidants and Curcumin

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