Online Learning for Your Practice

Veterinarians, veterinary technicians and staff members are invited to become Platinum-Certified in Equine Nutrition through a series of brief learning modules.

  • Increase the awareness of nutrition in your practice
  • Learn more about Platinum Products and Protocols
  • Modules are 10-minutes or less
  • Quizzes allow you to earn points to use towards Platinum Products or Merchandise
  • Earn 100 points per module completed

Learn & Earn

Call a Platinum Advisor 866-553-2400 to Redeem Your Points Immediately on the Following Merchandise

Platinum Hat

$10 Platinum Gift Card

Platinum Scrubs

$25 Platinum Gift Card

Platinum Vest

17.5-lb Bucket of Platinum Performance Equine

Lycra Horse Slinky

Platinum Jacket

Western or English Saddle Pad

17lb Bucket of CJ