Your Horse’s Health is Our Mission

At our equine veterinary clinic in the 1990s Dr. Doug Herthel saw how therapeutic nutrition could improve a horse's prognosis, influencing the quality and speed of healing. Several years later Platinum Performance was born. We’ve been researching equine nutrition for over two decades, and the effects of our formulas on horses have been studied in colleges of veterinary medicine across the country.

We've created educational tools, resources, and health and wellness programs to help you reach your goals.

Platinum Advisors are Here to Help

Need an answer to a specific question? Have questions on building a custom supplement program? Platinum Advisors are experienced horse owners who can answer all your questions and make personal recommendations for your horse. Contact our Advisors Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm and from 8am-1pm on Saturday. Call 800-553-2400. Or email:


  • Body Condition Scoring

    Start by scoring your horse’s body condition as a first step to achieving your health and performance goals. The Body Condition Score (BCS) is a useful tool for developing diets for individual horses.

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  • Nutrient Finder

    A glossary of ingredients for horse health with information on vitamins, amino acids, pre-and probiotics, antioxidants, and more. Filter by nutrient type and see ingredients by formula.

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  • Show Safe Product Listings

    Our formulas are labeled “Show Safe” or “Not Show Safe,” based on the USEF's and FEI's banned substances list. We go to extraordinary lengths, testing for quality, potency and banned substances.

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Platinum Colic Coverage

Up to $10,000 of Reimbursement for Colic Surgery

Our complimentary Colic Coverage program combines routine wellness with your veterinarian, the right nutrition and reimbursement for colic surgery.

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Platinum Magazine

Each issue of our complimentary magazine offers tips and educational articles on nourishing your horse plus inspiring stories of success, inspiration and collaboration.

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Platinum Rewards

Wellness is Rewarding

Earn Platinum Rewards Points every time you purchase a Platinum Performance formula directly from us or from your veterinarian. Then you can redeem your Platinum Rewards Points to help pay for future orders.

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