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The Glass Horse

Interactive Exploration CD

There are three versions available of The Glass Horse; The Equine Colic CD, The Distal Limb CD and The Horse Owner Colic CD. All three are a must have in every equine practioners' library. Please call us at 800-553-2400 to order the Distal Limb (which is not listed online).

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Product Details
The Equine Colic CD

No equine practioner should be without the New Equine Colic CD. This interactive 3-D Program allows you to: stay on the cutting edge of equine health, take what is known about colic into the field on your laptop and help your clients better understand your recommendations. This new Equine Colic CD makes the original Glass Horse GI CD obsolete. The Equine Colic CD is a comprehensive exploration of equine abdominal anatomy, the veterinarian's approach to diagnosis, and detailed 3-D animations depicting 28 diseases. Interactivity and self-assessment features are strong components of this program.

The Distal Limb

An engaging interactive exploration of the distal limb that combines interactive models with narrations and highly informative animations. The interface allows manipulation of anatomical models in three dimensions. The project is the collaboration of three unique professionals at the University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine: Dr. Jim Moore, a professor in the Department of Large Animal Surgery; Thel Melton, a 3-D computer graphic artist; and Dr. Mac Smith, an instructional developer and multimedia designer. The program's goal is to help users view and interact with the distal limb anatomy both as a whole and as individual components, such as the lateral digital extensor tendon, navicular bone, and coronal arteries.

The Horse Owner Colic Version

Colic can be a tough subject to understand; the Horse Owner Colic CD can help. Learn more about your horse GI tract and better understand your veterinarians recommendations.