Taylor Jacob

"From my babies that I’m raising to my rodeo horses, I want every advantage I can get. Platinum CJ is my advantage! And I love using the Bio-Sponge® on all my babies. I have fewer sick babies because of adding Bio-Sponge® to my foal’s regimen."

The Fast One

This Carmine, Texas, cowgirl was the 2013 WPRA Barrel Racing Rookie of the Year and finished her inaugural professional season in the Top Ten in the world standings. In 2014, Taylor and her amazing buckskin gelding, Bo, broke the arena record at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. As Taylor puts it, "Bo was not an easy horse, but he was a winner, and he has molded me into the human I am today. He taught me about life. He took me places and introduced me to people that I can’t imagine my life without today, and for that I will forever be grateful. There is a song that says we all get a chance to ride a fast one, and I can most definitely say Bo was my 'fast one'."

Taylor's Formulas for Success
  • Joint Supplements for Horses
    Platinum Performance® CJ

    The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint

    Our most potent joint support formula combines a whole-horse wellness formula with comprehensive joint support. ...

    Starting at $151.00
  • Platinum Longevity®
    Platinum Longevity®

    A Highly Bio-Available Resveratrol Analogue Formula for Horses

    This formula is chosen for high performing equine athletes to help maintain normal levels of inflammation and su...

    Starting at $122.00
  • Platinum Gastric Support®
    Platinum Gastric Support®

    Helps Maintain Equine Stomach and Hindgut Health

    Platinum Gastric Support® helps maintain healthy gastric acid levels in the stomach, as well as normal intes...

    Starting at $95.00
  • For Horses Vascular Health

    Nitric Oxide Enhancer for Equine Vascular Health

    Hemo-Flo® helps horses maintain proper circulation by supporting the production of nitric oxide, which helps...

    Starting at $94.00

Taylor Jacob is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.