Varian Arabians

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Legend of Breeding Fame

You can't talk about Arabian horse breeding in America and not mention Sheila Varian. She's an icon in the industry. In fact more than 80% of all Arabian horses in the U.S. carry Varian bloodlines. It all started when she was a young girl that found her passion in horses. Her mentor, Sid Spencer taught her about confirmation and how to look at a horse as useful. Tom Dorrance also showed her how to read a horse.

Defining Moment

Sheila Varian's first defining moment in the arena came in San Francisco in 1961, when at 21 years old, Sheila won the Cow Palace Grand National Horse Show. It was the first time that a woman, and an amateur had won the title. In addition, it was the first and only time an Arabian horse, Ronteza, won the title. Ronteza, a mare, went on to have 3 offspring that won multiple national championship titles in Arabian classes. Sheila went on to even more success in the show pen and the breeding barn.

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