Caring for Your Foal

Starts with the Mare

The way you nourish the mare can have a dramatic impact on the health, vitality, and development of your foal.

Wellness Formulas

Foals Under Stress

During the weaning process, foals can experience high levels of stress and may develop gastric ulcers during this period. Looks for signs and visit with your veterinarian about how you can support your foal’s health.

Up to 85% of Foals

Develop Diarrhea

Diarrhea in newborns due to infectious agents is dangerous, and many veterinarians use Bio-Sponge® to help these foals.

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Platinum Performance® client since 2012

“Sunny’s dam died 13 days after he was born. He started drinking Foal Lac milk replacer and eating Mares Match pellets. We put a maiden mare with Sunny as a companion. Sunny adjusted quite well. However we noticed him licking ‘dirt.’ I quickly added Platinum Equine and Sunny quit licking the dirt. Sunny has done extremely well on this diet. Thanks for a great product!!!”
— Wil S.



Platinum Performance® client since 2012

“Tulip was going to be my western pleasure contender when she had a career ending injury. Her new life as a broodmare was also in question until we put her on Platinum Performance CJ. She has had two beautiful foals. We call them our Platinum babies! Thanks for helping Tulip in her new life!”
— Linda

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