Joint conditions are a daily reality for so many veterinarians and horse owners. See how therapeutic nutrition can help support the health and durability of your horse's joints and connective tissues.

Veterinarians dedicate thousands of hours each year to the challenge of returning their patients to soundness and peak performance when plagued with a lameness. More and more, many practitioners are turning to the horse’s own body to aid in the healing process. Key nutrients are giving the body tools necessary to aid its own natural defenses against joint deterioration. Even more, when an injury does occur, therapeutic nutrients can support the healing process for improved outcomes.​

  • Inflammation

    Persistent inflammation is a leading cause of equine joint disease, but ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, ASU (Avocado Soy Unsaponifiables), cetyl myristoleate, antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E, and botanical compounds such as Boswellia help support a normal healthy inflammatory response.

  • Excessive Free Radicals

    Antioxidants help offset the damaging effects of free radicals produced as a response to exercise, poor nutrition or environmental factors. Also, hyaluronic acid (HA) can help maintain synovial fluid viscosity, which can degrade as a result of free radical damage, impacting the joints' cushioning and lubrication.

  • Degradative Enzymes

    Omega-3 fatty acids can help decrease the expression of degradative enzymes, which negatively impact cartilage health. Cartilage breakdown can cause friction due to the loss of protection provided by healthy cartilage, making ingredients like glucosamine important due to its roll as a building block of certain cartilage components.

  • Injury or Overuse

    Although exercise is important for the growth and maintenance of healthy joints, overuse or exercise-related injuries often contribute to the development of joint concerns. Ingredients like silicon can help maintain the strength of bones and soft tissues, while ASU supports the synthesis of cartilage and slows its breakdown as MSM provides sulfur, a key component of cartilage and other connective tissues.

  • Natural Aging Process

    Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy levels of inflammation as everyday activity and exercise contribute to normal wear and tear on the joints. In addition, antioxidants help offset the effects of free radicals, which is important as prolonged exposure to free radicals can speed the aging process.

Choose the Right Formula

  • Platinum Performance® Equine

    The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula

    Developed in clinical practice to influence the speed and quality of healing after orthopedic surgery, this formula delivers amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals important for a horse’s everyday health. Whats more, a potent blend of omega-3 fatty acids and powerful antioxidants support a healthy level of inflammation in the horse’s body, and combine with glucosamine to influence the health of the joint. This formula supports healthy digestion, hoof health, immune health, muscle performance, body condition and more.

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  • Platinum Performance® CJ

    The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint

    Platinum Performance® CJ provides your horse with the long list of benefits seen in Platinum Performance® Equine but goes significantly further to support the complete health of the joint. This formula offers the most comprehensive combination of joint-supporting ingredients available, carefully blended to work together for a synergistic approach to a healthier equine joint. Rather than feeding several single-ingredient joint products, Platinum Performance® CJ bases its blend on science for more successful outcomes. ASU (Avocado Soy Unsaponifiables), HA (Hyaluronic Acid), cetyl myristoleate, MSM, Boswellia serrata and more come together to help maintain healthy joints and support recovery from joint and soft tissue injury.

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