Earn Your New Platinum Vest

More Reasons to Take Advantage of Direct Dispense®

Your 2022 Vest is Offered Exclusively Through Direct Dispense®

In celebration of our veterinary partners enrolled in the Direct Dispense® program, we’re offering you the opportunity to earn your 2022 Platinum Performance® vest ahead of AAEP by adding 5 new clients through Direct Dispense®. This opportunity ends December 31, 2022.

How to Earn Your Vest

When just five new Platinum Performance® clients order now through Dec. 31, you’ll earn one Platinum Performance® Ariat Vest. Be the first to have a Platinum Performance® Vest from Ariat’s NEW exclusive scrub line. Built for veterinarians and technicians, this vest is made to complement life in the clinic and on the farm.

Step 1: Recommend Appropriate Formulas

Recommend the appropriate Platinum Performance® formulas for each patient based on their needs.

Step 2: Clients Order Direct From Platinum

Advise clients to call Platinum Performance® or order online with your name or unique Direct Dispense® ID.

Your vest will ship after the close of AAEP 2022.

Protocol Pads

Use Our Custom Direct Dispense® Protocol Pads to Make Recommendations

Simply check off the Platinum Performance® formulas you’d recommend or have clients call for expert equine nutrition advice.

Include your name or Direct Dispense® ID on each card!

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“Nutrition can be powerful, no matter what type of case you are dealing with; it’s a standard of care. Proper nutrition is an important part of practicing good medicine.”
— Doug Herthel, DVM (1946-2018),
Founder, Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center, Founder, Platinum Performance®

More Reasons Than Ever to Take Advantage of Direct Dispense®

Your Patients Benefit

Platinum Performance® formulas help patients stay healthy, performance horses reach their full potential and provide sick or injured patients the advanced nutrients they need to optimize healing.

Your Practice Earns 20%

Look out for your emailed monthly report that details client orders and your Direct Dispense® earnings, totaling 20 percent of gross order value.

Your Clients Are in Good Hands

The Platinum Advisor team delivers exceptional and very personal service with a high level of nutritional expertise and commitment to your clients.

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Impacting the Health of Your Patients and Practice

Platinum Performance® was founded in veterinary practice, and, 26 years later, we still hold those roots close in every decision we make. We believe advanced nutrition belongs in your hands as an equine veterinarian. Recommending Platinum is easy.

1. Start With a Foundation Formula

Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Performance® GI or Platinum Performance® CJ are often all a horse needs to support overall wellness.

2. Add Targeted Support

If a horse has more specific needs from allergies to digestive concerns and metabolic disorders, we have specially-designed support formulas to help.

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Platinum Advisors:

Here to Help

From in-practice resources to expert advice, Platinum Advisors are here to stand beside you.

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