Dr. Terry Swanson and Longtime Client Top Barrel Racer Lisa Lockhart On Working Together for the Health & Success of Her Equine Athletes

It’s clear when you visit with Lisa Lockhart or Dr. Terry Swanson, that they have a deep mutual respect for each other. Although it's hard to estimate the degree to which their equine chemistry impacts her horses' performance, it is safe to say that it should not be underestimated. It’s one of those rare relationships where one plus one add up to much more than two. The biggest beneficiaries of this collaboration are Louie and Chism, two of the best barrel racing horses in the world.

Mutual Respect

Through hectic schedules and health setbacks with her horses, Lisa and Dr. Swanson have navigated the seasons with grace, always putting the health of her horses first. Lisa has been in the top 5 barrel racers in the world for the past five years. Like any successful run, it hasn’t been without challenges and injuries. How she and Dr. Swanson have handled these setbacks is clearly part of her formula for success. "He’s always my first phone call. It takes me 7 hours to get to Littleton Equine Medical Center from my home in South Dakota, and I don’t mind making that trip one bit," says Lisa. "When I can’t get to where he is, we work from emails, texts, photos and calls at all hours of the day and night." Swanson is quick to commend his client, "she has a great feel for what is going on with her horses, especially when she is on the road and calls with an issue. She can really communicate her horse’s situation well."

Dr. Terry Swanson is an industry leader in his own right, though he'd likely be reluctant to admit it. His expertise in many areas of equine veterinary medicine is lauded, with special consideration in his approach, diagnosis and treatment of equine lameness. True to form, Swanson is humble when asked about his veterinary approach, "I've learned over the years that horse owners know their horses better than I do. Lisa can read the changes in her horse very well. That makes my job very easy."

Lisa feels that his ability to relate to her as a horse owner sets him apart. Horses have always been a part of Swanson's life since growing up on a ranch in Wyoming. Still today he enjoys team roping, and when he's not at the clinic, he can be found in his barn cleaning stalls and enjoying his own horses with family members. As he puts it, "horses are not only my vocation, they are also my avocation."

Lisa Lockhart and Louie at the 2012 Wrangler
National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Springer

“Platinum Performance CJ is essential for my horses' athletic performance, their joints and digestive health, while Osteon supports their bones and tendons. I’ve added Platinum Gastric Support into my program, as well as Platinum Longevity to help cope with the stress of their intense competitions and being on the road.” - Lisa Lockhart