Team Platinum Brings Home Medals For USA

The 2016 Olympic Games have come to a close, leaving weeks of fierce competitions and nail-biting match-ups in its wake. American athletes, with their trademark grit and determination, proved once again that the spirit behind the red, white and blue is strong and quite at home atop the podium.

From the hard-fought equestrian competitions to the drama on the pool deck, Team Platinum athletes and their mounts were well represented in Rio. They came, they competed and they left victorious with medals in hand and the cheers of their proud nation carrying them home.

High Marks in Rio

Platinum Performance® athletes helped clinch medals for their respective teams in incredible come-from-behind finishes. Team Platinum riders McLain Ward and Kent Farrington finished strong in the Team Jumping to claim Silver alongside their fellow riders Beezie Madden and Lucy Davis. All the while Olympic Dressage Rider and Team Platinum member, Laura Graves, delivered a remarkable performance to help bring her team to the Bronze Medal. And while much success was happening in the equestrian events, two celebrated swimmers and members of Team Platinum proved that they could once again dominate in the water, bringing Gold to Team USA.

Kent Farrington

Kent Farrington

Kent Farrington was first to jump for the United States in the team jumping finals. Carrying him to an impressive round was famous 2002 Dutch Warmblood gelding, Voyeur (“Froggy“), who won the coveted Halla Award for Best Horse of Aachen prior to the Olympic Games in Rio. Having the opportunity to represent his country in Olympic competition has been a dream for Kent, having started his equestrian career as a child in downtown Chicago. He steadily moved upward from weekly lessons in a carriage barn in the heart of the city to racing ponies and re-training ex-racehorses in the suburbs. Becoming an accomplished young rider, Kent won the Washington International Equitation Medal and the coveted Eiser/Pessoa National Equitation Medal Finals when he was 18, then solidified his presence in the sport when he claimed the Gold Medal at the 1999 North American Young Riders International Competition. Today, he is consistently one of the top ranked riders in the world.

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— Kent Farrington
McLain Ward

McLain Ward

Jumping phenom and four time Olympian, McLain Ward, traveled to Rio with his steady mount, HH Azur (“Annie”), with whom he’s earned tremendous success. The 2006 Belgian Warmblood didn’t disappoint as she carried McLain to one of only four fault-free rounds in the jumping finals. Riding into the ring, McLain knew the Gold Medal was out of reach for Team USA, but he wasn’t going to allow them to slide past Silver on his watch. Together, he and Azur delivered a spot-on performance that helped solidify a team Silver Medal, even after teammate Beezie Madden withdrew from competition following a tendon injury sustained by her mount Cortes "C."

Born into the equestrian world, McLain didn’t simply rely on a wellknown name to carry him into the limelight. He’s the consummate professional, practiced and dedicated. He has earned his own legacy in the sport of show jumping, appreciating his heritage but choosing to write his own story. That story has many more chapters to be written before McLain rides out of the competitive arena. At just 40 years old, he has accomplished an unprecedented amount but holds big plans for the future.

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— McLain Ward
Laura Graves

Laura Graves

Laura Graves is a rarity in the sport of dressage. Unlike most of her fellow high-level competitors, she has raised and trained her mount from a rambunctious and hard-to-handle foal to the towering athlete Verdades ("Diddy") is today.

Laura seemed destined for greatness from childhood, when her parents traded their washer and dryer for ponies for Laura and her sisters to ride. Helping her team to achieve a Bronze Medal in Rio was the culmination of years of upward struggle in the dressage ring. Laura nearly gave up her dream of becoming a dressage rider after several frustrating years of what she perceived as a lack of progress for herself and Verdades. She took a break from the show ring and became a hair stylist, only to give her equestrian career another try. She moved to Florida with Diddy and seriously pursued training under Debbie McDonald. Since then, the pair have qualified for the World Equestrian Games, the World Cup of Dressage and are now forever a part of Olympic history with a team Bronze Medal in the 2016 Olympic Games.

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— Laura Graves

Owning The Pool Deck

Nathan Adrian

Nathan Adrian

Five-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Nathan Adrian, is a vision in water. At 6'6", the imposing athlete is built for his sport, cutting through the water with remarkable power. Now a 3-time Olympian, most people take for granted that Nathan is still quite young. Barely past his mid-twenties, he has accomplished more in the pool than most of his counterparts could only dream of. Most importantly, however, he’s done it as a true sportsman, never wavering from a grateful and good-natured attitude that makes him more than simply an outstanding athlete. It makes him a good guy, and one that coaches, commentators and fellow competitors enjoy being around.

After tremendous victory in London, Nathan returned to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio. There, he took home the Bronze Medal in the Men’s 50m Freestyle, as well as the team Gold Medal in the Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Relay. With three Olympic Games behind him, he's now looking ahead to Tokyo, where he plans to represent the United States in his fourth Olympic Games. It's not hard to believe that he’ll get there, with his unwavering dedication to his sport.

Nathan’s Formulas for Success

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— Nathan Adrian
Anthony Ervin

Anthony Ervin

Anthony Ervin has a story like no other in the pool. A swimming phenom at the age of 19, he clinched his first Olympic Gold Medal in a tied finish with friend and training partner, Gary Hall Jr. He, then, promptly left the sport of swimming for the better part of a decade before deciding to return to the pool deck and dive back in, both literally and figuratively.

Now, at the age of 35, Anthony is considered a senior citizen in high-level swimming. That is, until you actually see him swim. His tattooed 6'3" frame glides through the water with mesmerizing form and undeniable try. He wants victory, and he settles for nothing short of it.

All eyes were on him as he dove into the pool to prove that he could once again take home a Gold Medal in the Men’s 50m Freestyle, the event that he had topped 16 years prior in the 2000 Olympics. In true Anthony fashion, he did it, of course. It was a moment of celebration for his country, coaches, teammates and for the swimmer himself. He did what he came to do, and he earned it.

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“Without a doubt, both 16 years ago and now, I couldn't have made the Olympic team without Platinum Performance. Platinum Power was the only supplement I took for recovery, and it certainly got the job done both when I was training at my hardest and during taper into competition. And I can't get enough of the bars! My diet isn't complete without them.”
— Anthony Ervin
Jessie Bengoa
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