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Complimentary Gifts with Show Special Purchase

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2022 Ariat Vests

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2023 Wall Calendar

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Visit us at AAEP in the Platinum Performance® Booth #13076 November 19-21st. The tradeshow will be open Saturday, November 19th and Sunday, November 20th from 10am - 6pm CST and Monday, November 21st from 10am - 4pm! Learn about what's new, ask about new online veterinary resources and take advantage of the 2022 AAEP Show Special.

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Frank J. Milne State-of-The-Art Lecture

“Skeletal Injuries in Equine Athletes — Pathogenesis and Training Concepts for Injury Prevention”

Presented by Susan M. Stover, DVM, PhD, DACVS
Sunday, November 20, 2022 – 8:00am - 10:15am CST

Theriogenology — Mare
8:00am   How to Milk Mares and Maintain Milk Production — Scott Austin
8:20am   Behavior and Perinatal Parameters of Mule Foals — Claudia Barbosa Fernandes
8:40am   Abnormal Mare Behavior is Not Often Associated with Changes in Ovarian Hormones: A Retrospective Study — Lauren Huggins
9:00am   Evaluation of IgG Content of Mare Colostrum in the Post-Partum Period — Emily May
9:20am   Ovum Pick Up in a Clinical Program Can Induce Mild Transient Discomfort in Mares — Soledad Martin-Pelaez
9:40am   Ovarian Removal Before or After Euthanasia for Postmortem Gamete Retrieval: An Assessment of Pentobarbital Concentration in the Follicular Fluid — Soledad Martin-Pelaez
10:00am   Deslorelin Acetate is Effective to Induce Ovulation During Early and Late Fall Despite Lower Endometrial Edema in the Latter — Kianna M. Spencer
10:20am   Follicular and Systemic Metabolic Alterations in Obese Mares Can Be Mitigated by Dietary Supplementation — Giovana D. Catandi
Monday, November 21, 2022 8:00am - 10:40am CST

Theriogenology — Stallion
1:30pm   How to Manually Analyze a Stallion’s Breeding Records — Regina M. Turner
1:50pm   Retrograde Flushing Followed by Slicing Float-up Enhanced Epididymal Sperm Recovery Without Affecting Cryopreservation in Stallions — Igor Canisso
2:10pm   The Ability of Donkey Sperm for Cooling: Effect of Extender Base and Removal of Seminal Plasma on Sperm Parameters and Fertility Rates — Lorenzo G.T.M. Segabinazzi
2:30pm   Sperm Filter and Re-Extension of Cooled-Shipped Semen as an Alternative to Circumvent Poor Cooling Ability of Stallions — Lorenzo G.T.M. Segabinazzi
2:50pm   How to Evaluate and Diagnose a Disorder of Sexual Development in the Horse — Patrick M. McCue
3:10pm   Decreased Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin Secretion Following Hysteroscopic- Guided Injection of an Immunomodulator — Maria R. Schnobrich
Monday, November 21, 2022 1:30pm - 3:30pm CST

Platinum Summit

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Platinum Summit brings together inventive thinkers, change-making researchers and masterful practitioners to further the realm of what’s possible in veterinary medicine. Powerful lectures will deliver key advancements happening now at the intersection of human and equine medicine.

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For veterinarians only. Space is limited.

Earn Your Vest with Direct Dispense®

Earn Your Vest with Direct Dispense®

In celebration of our veterinary partners enrolled in the Direct Dispense® program, we’re offering you the opportunity to earn your new Platinum Performance Ariat® vest by adding 5 new clients exclusively through Direct Dispense® now through Dec. 31, 2022.

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New Videos on Veterinary Advancements

Leading Veterinarians on the Importance of Advancing Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Lisa Fortier - Advancements in Equine Surgery & Rehabilitation

Dr. Shane Miller - Equine Sports Medicine

Dr. Cliff Honnas - The King of Kissing Spines

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A seamless program that supports practice profitability with easy ordering for clients

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