Platinum PAKs® Deliver Custom Supplement Programs

Platinum PAKs® let you build a custom supplement plan for each horse from our entire line of formulas. Choose supplements your horse needs and we will package them in premeasured daily doses with your horse's name.

Start with a
Strong Foundation

Platinum Performance® Equine, the comprehensive wellness and performance formula.

Platinum Performance® CJ, for all of the benefits of Platinum Performance® Equine plus potent joint supporting ingredients like ASU, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid.

Choose Supplements for
Your Horse's Needs

If your horse requires additional support for a specific health concern, choose the support product that's right for your horse and add it to your Platinum PAK®. Need help choosing the right product?
Call a Platinum Advisor at 1 (800) 553-2400.

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Did You Know?

Does it cost more to give my horse Platinum formulas in PAKs instead of buckets?

The cost per day for most Platinum Performance® formulas is the same no matter how you give it. Buckets are better for some people and PAKs are better for others, especially barns that have horses with individual supplement needs and preferences.

Why Choose Platinum PAKs®?

Choose Your Supplements

Platinum PAKs® allow you to choose from our complete line of Platinum products, customizing your horse's supplements in easy to administer Platinum PAKs®.

Personalized PAKs®

Platinum starts with high quality, highly bio-available ingredients, testing each lot for purity and potency. We only combine products that are designed to be administered together.

Quality & Safety

Platinum starts with the highest quality ingredients, testing for purity, potency and safety. We only combine products that are designed to be administered together.

Complete Supplementation

Your horse may have unique supplementation needs.  By offering our entire line of Platinum Performance® supplements available in PAKs®, you can be confident that you are providing the individualized support that your horse needs.

Efficient & Affordable

Platinum PAKs® are easy and affordable. With Platinum PAKs® you get the benefit of added convenience without a high cost.

Not Sure What Supplements to Choose for Your PAKs®?

A team of Platinum Advisors is available to help build the right supplement program for each horse. They will ask about the horse's health, history, discipline and workload to find the right formulas. Call (800) 553-2400.