Where to Order Platinum

Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Hoof Support Osteon™

Platinum Performance® is committed to maintaining the quality, potency and purity of our formulas by distributing our products only through licensed veterinarians and direct from our own company. We protect our clients and their animals at all costs, this includes making sure our formulas are manufactured, shipped and stored to ensure optimal freshness.

You can order Platinum Performance® supplements three easy ways:

1. Online at www.PlatinumPerformance.com

2. By calling a Platinum Advisor at 1-800-553-2400

3. Through your veterinarian


Did You Know?

Why Isn’t Platinum Performance® Available at My Feed Store?

Platinum Performance® supplements are made fresh daily with no harmful preservatives, this means that our formulas have a shelf life that ensures they stay fresh and effective. By distributing only through veterinarians and direct through Platinum Performance®, we protect the way our products are transported, stored and, most importantly, we ensure our clients are supplementing with the right formulas for their animals’ individual needs.


The Platinum Difference

We produce 100% of all Platinum Performance® supplements fresh in our own California facility, preserving the quality, potency and purity of our formulas. You can take comfort knowing that Platinum Performance® supplements are meant to be administered in conjunction with one another, delivering the results you need.

We're Here to Help

Platinum Advisors are here to help guide you to the right supplement program for your horse. Call us at 1-800-553-2400.

The Platinum Approach

Redefining Supplementation

Platinum Performance® was developed in Veterinary Practice. See how we're redefining supplementation to work for you.