Horses are grazing animals that are intended to eat a forage diet, naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. In contrast, the modern equine diet is often comprised of cereal grains and concentrates that do not provide what nature intended and can predispose horses to many health conditions.

How Does Platinum Performance® Equine Support Your Horse’s Nutrition?

  1. Simplifies supplementation by often eliminating the need for other supplements.
  2. Comprehensive formula that addresses the total health of your horse.
  3. Delivers key ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals that are often deficient in the modern equine diet.
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The Science Behind the Supplements

Three recent university studies showed significant results when horses were returned to a more natural, high forage diet of mostly hay supplemented with Platinum Performance® Equine.

Metabolic Health

Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Lab

20% decrease in fasting cortisol and insulin.

Digestive Efficiency

University of California at Davis

87.5% of studied horses gained a significant amount of weight without a significant increase in energy intake.

Reproduction and Fertility

Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Lab

129% increase in successful pregnancy rates post-supplementation.

The Platinum Performance® Philosophy on Feeding and Supplementation for Optimal Health and Performance

  1. Feed as close to a natural diet as possible, one that is high in forage and low in concentrates and grain.
  2. Supplement with Platinum Performance® Equine to provide your horse with a strong foundation for optimal health and performance.
  3. Monitor your horse’s progress and if necessary add additional support supplements based on your horse's individual athletic performance or health needs.

2 Ways Platinum Performance Can Enhance Your Feeding & Supplement Program

Platinum Performance® Equine enhances the nutrient balance of today's equine feeds and forages by providing omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants as well as the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that horses need. Platinum is safe and effective when fed in addition to forage, pasture or complete feeds. No additional vitamin or mineral supplementation should be required if your adult horse is supplemented with Platinum Performance® Equine.

Horses thrive on a natural diet consisting of high quality hay, or pasture if available, and Platinum Performance® Equine. Results from controlled feeding trials, as well as feedback from veterinarians and trainers, show that most horses fed proper amounts of forage and Platinum Performance® Equine are better conditioned, maintain or establish proper weight, and perform optimally.

We are committed to being your trusted source for supplements that are backed by research and clinical results.

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Client Success Stories

“I have been using Platinum Performance from the beginning of its development. Back in the early days, we put half of our yearlings on Platinum and the other half got a scoop of the special grain mix our animal nutritionist had put together. Within 6 weeks, the Platinum horses had shinier coats and were noticeably more muscled. Since that time we have cut the use of our grain and other supplements by 90%. The horses that have been raised on Platinum are more muscular and have stronger endurance.

- Joel Baker, JRB Polo