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Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Metabolic Support

Metabolic Support

If your horse has metabolic health concerns, you know the importance of providing a balanced diet. See how proper supplementation can help maintain normal healthy metabolic function in your horse. See All Metabolic Support Products.

Platinum Performance® Equine

For Comprehensive Total Body Health

  • Has been shown to help support healthy blood glucose and insulin levels
  • Delivers antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, chromium and fiber beneficial for healthy metabolism
  • Provides antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals to help maintain total equine health
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Platinum Metabolic Support

  • For horses needing additional metabolic support
  • Helps maintain normal healthy blood sugar levels
  • Can help support normal metabolism of carbohydrates
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Supplementing for Better Metabolic Health

Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Performance® CJ

Step 1: Which Foundation Formula is Right for Your Horse?

Pick the Platinum Performance® Formula that is right for your horse. Platinum Performance® Equine is our comprehensive wellness and performance formula. Platinum Performance® CJ has all the benefits of Platinum Performance® Equine with added joint supporting ingredients such as ASU, MSM and hyaluronic acid.

Step 2: Select the Support Products Targeted to Your Horse's Needs

Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Metabolic Support Chromium Yeast

Platinum Performance® Equine

Comprehensive Horse Health Begins One Cell at a Time

Platinum Performance® CJ

The Wellness, Performance, and Complete Joint Formula

Metabolic Support

Designed to Help Support Healthy Metabolic Function

Chromium Yeast

Supports Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Magnesium Citrate

Highly Bio-Available Form of Magnesium

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What role does Chromium play in maintaining normal Metabolic Health?

Chromium Yeast is a highly bioavailable form of Chromium.

  • Vital in maintaining normal blood glucose levels and metabolizing carbohydrates
  • Used by the body to support healthy glucose tolerance
  • Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Important co-factor for insulin function
  • Exerts insulin-like effects in vitro by supporting insulin sensitivity
  • May also help promote healthy fat loss and lean muscle tissue development
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Horse Health Tip

Signs that your horse may have metabolic health issues

The first step in identifying if your horse has Metabolic Health Issues is to contact your veterinarian for a definitive diagnosis. By staying aware of a few important signs, you can help catch your horse’s metabolic issues in time for early attention, making improvement much easier.

  • Excess weight gain or fatty deposits
  • Drinking excessive amounts of water and/or excessive urination
  • Long, coarse, wavy coat that doesn’t properly shed in season
  • Pot-bellied appearance with a lack of muscle on the topline


The Science Behind the Supplements

In a new, yet unpublished study conducted at Colorado State University, a group of borderline insulin resistant horses supplemented for 6-8 months with a combination of Platinum Performance® Equine formula and Platinum Metabolic Support experienced a 20% decrease in fasting cortisol and insulin levels.

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Why I Choose Platinum

  • “I give Platinum Performance to “Music” everyday without missing a beat. He is now strong, healthy and his coat shines. The mixture of proper ingredients is the key to keeping our horses healthy for a long time. We found a trusted product that assures our horses will build a healthy body and mind.”

    Davida and “Music of the Night”

    Platinum Performance® Client Since 2005

  • “My pony ‘Bullsy’ he is a section B welsh stallion. Ever since I came across Plantinum I don’t allow anything else in my barn. Ponies are easy keepers and prone to being fat, and by using Platinum it has kept the fat pockets off my ponies and turned it into usable muscle as well as giving their coats a superior shine compared to any horse or pony on other feeds.”

    Denise and “Bullsy”

    Platinum Performance® Client Since 2009

  • “Grace is a seven year old Arabian that had a metabolic issue when I got her. I put her on Platinum Performance Equine, Platinum Metabolic support and Platinum’s Vitamin E. I also cut her feed back as she seems to be maintaining weight condition wonderfully. I contribute this a lot to Platinum Performance. Thanks so much!”

    Gene and “Grace”

    Platinum Performance® Client Since 2009


The Platinum Difference

We produce 100% of all Platinum Performance® supplements fresh in our own California facility, preserving the quality, potency and purity of our formulas. You can take comfort knowing that Platinum Performance® supplements are meant to be administered in conjunction with one another, delivering the results you need.


The Science of Results

With advanced clinical research, see why Platinum Performance® is supported by veterinarians.

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