The Formulas to Keep Your Horse Healthy

Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Immune Support

Immune Support

Keeping your horse's immune system strong is crucial to maintaining overall health and longevity. Providing the right immune support can be particularly important for traveling and competing horses due to miles spent in the trailer, exposure to other horses, continuous athletic activity and a stress-inducing environment.

Platinum Performance® Equine

For Comprehensive Total Body Health

  • Contains antioxidants and trace minerals key to overall health
  • Provides immune-supporting ingredients including vitamin C, vitamin E, whey protein and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy immune function
  • Supports your horse’s overall health and performance
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Platinum Immune Support

  • For times when horses may require additional aid to help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Contains high concentrations of immunoglobulins, colostrum and thymic protein
  • Immunoglobulins and colostrum provide immediate passive immunity while thymic protein stimulates the production of T-Lymphocytes, white blood cells responsible for cell-mediated immunity
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Supplementing for Better Immune Health

Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Performance® CJ

Step 1: Which Foundation Formula is Right for Your Horse?

Pick the Platinum Performance® Formula that is right for your horse. Platinum Performance® Equine is our comprehensive wellness and performance formula. Platinum Performance® CJ has all the benefits of Platinum Performance® Equine with added joint supporting ingredients such as ASU, MSM and hyaluronic acid.

Step 2: Select the Support Products Targeted to Your Horse's Needs

Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Immune Support Platinum Performance® Equine

Platinum Performance® Equine

Comprehensive Horse Health Begins One Cell at a Time

Platinum Performance® CJ

The Wellness, Performance, and Complete Joint Formula

Platinum Immune Support

Provides Passive and Active Immune Support

Platinum Antioxidant

High Potency Antioxidant Formula

Vitamin E

A Natural Antioxidant

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Horse Health Tip

Supporting Your Horse Through Shipping Stress

Tips to ensure that your horse stays healthy through long trips in the trailer.

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Why I Choose Platinum

  • "I've been fortunate in my career, I've been able to get on some great horses. All of the horses I have are on the Platinum products. As much as we travel, these horses do really well on the road as far as not losing weight and staying mentally focused. I couldn't expect any more out of it, it's just a great product."

    Luke Branquinho

    World Champion Steer Wrestler, Platinum Performance® Client Since 2000

  • "Back in 1999, I really thought I was going to lose ‘Bet.’ After a few months on Platinum Performance and a lot of rest, she came back. She won the World Championship that year, and she hasn’t gone a day without it since."

    Lindy Burch

    NCHA Open World Champion, Platinum Performance® Client Since 1999

  • "My Vet recommended Platinum Performance® because he said it's the supplement with the research behind it. With Platinum I know what's on the label is in the bucket."

    Brittany Pozzi

    World Champion Barrel Racer, Platinum Performance® Client Since 2004