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Calming Supplements

Supplementing with the right ingredients can impact your horse's cognitive and behavioral function. Ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in overall brain function, mental clarity, focus and attitude.

Platinum Performance® Equine

For Comprehensive Total Body Health

  • A good source of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Fatty acids play a key role in brain health and are important for behavioral function
  • Contains amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals the body needs on a daily basis to maintain total body health
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Platinum Gentle®

Helps maintain calmness

  • Contains calcium and magnesium in amounts that help maintain normal nervous system function
  • Includes theanine, an amino acid that produces a pronounced state of calmness in some horses
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Calming Supplements

For those horses that require a daily calming supplement, Platinum Gentle® is a safe amino acid and trace mineral formula. Platinum Tranquility® is a formula that is recommended to be used for short periods of time in situations that can induce stress.

Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Performance® CJ

Step 1: Which Foundation Formula is Right for Your Horse?

Pick the Platinum Performance® Formula that is right for your horse. Platinum Performance® Equine is our comprehensive wellness and performance formula. Platinum Performance® CJ has all the benefits of Platinum Performance® Equine with added joint supporting ingredients such as ASU, MSM and hyaluronic acid.

Step 2: Select the Support Products Targeted to Your Horse's Needs

Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Gentle® Platinum Performance® Platinum Performance® Equine Platinum Tranquility®

Platinum Performance®Equine

Comprehensive Horse Health Begins One Cell at a Time

Platinum Performance®CJ

Equine Wellness & Performance Formula plus Complete Joint Support

Platinum Gentle®

Helps Maintain Calmness

Platinum Tranquility®

For Nervousness or Environmental Stress

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Platinum Performance® Equine

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Horse Health Tip

When should I provide my horse with a calming supplement?

Calming supplements are often used in situations when your horse might be exposed to stress or an unfamiliar environment. For some horses that might be a visit from the farrier, for others it might be hauling in the trailer or moving to a new barn. Calming supplements are also commonly used when an active horse is put on stall rest due to sickness or injury. By providing a calming formula, you may reduce the level of stress and anxiety that your horse is experiencing, allowing him to heal without the risk of re-injury.

Can My Horse be on a
Calming Supplement All the Time?

There are some horses that do need to have a calming supplement daily. Platinum Gentle® is a safe amino acid and trace mineral formula that contains magnesium citrate, which naturally relaxes muscles and relieves tension on a daily basis. Platinum Tranquility® is a formula that is recommended to be used for short periods of time in situations that can induce stress.

Why I Choose Platinum

  • "Knowing your horses dietary needs can change not only his performance, but his demeanor. I think it is a great product and I’ve been happy with the results I’m seeing. My family and I feed Platinum Performance Equine to all the other horses on the place. This includes colts, numerous head horses and barrel horses."

    Megan McLeod

    Professional Barrel Racer, Platinum Performance® Client Since 2008

  • "Excellent product. Saw a difference in my 23-year-old gelding that would never put his foot on a stand for shoeing and got very nervous. Now he has no problems and doesn’t get nervous. I also like the fact that you ship so quickly and appreciate your offer to reduce shipping costs for regular monthly orders."


    Platinum Performance® Client Since 2008