Platinum Performance® was developed at the Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in 1996 by Doug Herthel, DVM. Understanding the power of nutrition and recognizing a clinical need, Dr. Herthel developed a formula that would help improve healing and overall health in his patients. Today, the Platinum Performance® Clinical Nutrition Laboratory is housed at the Alamo Pintado Center for Biological Medicine.

Dr. Doug Herthel is the father of an innovative approach to veterinary medicine known as "The Biological Approach to Healing." Regarded as a highly effective advancement in veterinary medicine, three primary modalities are used in addition to traditional clinical treatments:

Dr. Doug Herthel with son Mark, President of Platinum Performance®


The right nutrition provides the body with the building blocks for healthy cells, organs and tissues. Specifically, the benefits of an Omega-3 and antioxidant rich diet are quite impressive in supporting total equine health including joint support, hoof health, digestive health, skin and allergy support, immune health and metabolic support.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy

This incredibly promising therapy helps the body regenerate itself with bone marrow-derived autologous stem cells. These non-embryonic adult stem cells are extracted from bone marrow then expanded into large numbers to treat a wide variety of injuries. With little to no discomfort to the horse during collection or reinjection, stem cell therapy has the attention of the medical and veterinary communities, and is seen as the future of veterinary and mainstream medicine.

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Available in the human medical field for quite some time, this highly effective therapy was not offered for horses until 2000 when Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center installed the first chamber for horses. By creating an oxygen rich environment, this therapy aids in the healing process after injury or disease. The benefits of this therapy are numerous and continue to advance.

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