Redefining Supplementation: Platinum Performance®

Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

We choose quality and efficacy over low cost ingredients because quality is essential to the superior results you will see when
using our products.

Tested, Then Tested Again

Tested, Then Tested Again

During our proprietary manufacturing process that takes raw ingredients to finished formulas, we conduct hundreds of quality-based tests to guarantee potency and purity.

The platinum Promise

The Platinum Promise

At Platinum we have a 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee, and we'll make sure you're cared for to the highest standard. You have our word.

Made in Our Own Facility

Made in Our Own Facility

Platinum Performance® products are developed and manufactured in our own state-of-the-art California facility by a seasoned team of experts. We maintain strict quality controls
from start to finish.

From Our Family to yours

We're Here to Help

The dedicated team of Platinum Advisors keeps you informed on the latest advances in equine health and supplementation. We'll be sure you get the answers you need. Call us at (800) 553-2400.

Simplified Approach

Simplified Approach

Our Platinum Advisors and staff veterinarians are experts in supplementation and will never recommend something your horse doesn't need. It's about the right products for individual results.

Platinum Video Series

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Take the

Platinum Challenge

And See the Difference Just One Bucket Makes

At Platinum Performance®, we develop formulas designed to produce real results in your horse. Take the Platinum Challenge and see results first hand.


The Platinum Difference

We produce 100% of all Platinum Performance® supplements fresh in our own California facility, preserving the quality, potency and purity of our formulas. You can take comfort knowing that Platinum Performance® supplements are meant to be administered in conjunction with one another, delivering the results you need.


The Science of Results

With advanced clinical research, see why Platinum Performance® is supported by veterinarians.

You Have Questions
Platinum Has Answers

See our Frequently Asked Questions or call a Platinum Advisor at 1 (800) 553-2400 so we can personally answer your questions.

Make it a
Platinum PAK®

Platinum PAKs are a great way to give your horse the supplements he needs in one easy to administer daily PAK®.